Children’s Christmas celebration

Children’s Christmas celebration

On Sunday, 11th January after the Sunday service in the church of St. Sergius of Radonezh – a Christmas celebration was held for the children organized by the teachers and students of the Sunday school. The audience enjoyed a wonderful and colourful Christmas performance prepared by the children.

Taking part in this festive performance, were young children – they were greeted by Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden who gave out Christmas gifts – sweets, children’s Orthodox calendars and books about the Orthodox faith for children.

Moms baked a gingerbread village for children: on the streets of this “village” a story was staged about the life of Saint Nicholas. After Mother Elena narrated and concluded the story about the Saint’s life – the houses, trees, bridges and town was immediately eaten by the children with great pleasure.

The celebration ended with a feast prepared through all the efforts of congregation.

The celebration was attended by many parishioners, visitors to the church, as well as the Ambassador of the Russian Federation, M.I. Petrakov; Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus A.L. Molchan; Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan E. Polukhov and Ambassador of Finland P.Salo together with their families.