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  • Wednesday 26 September, 26.09.2018
    16:00 All-Night Vigil
  • Thursday 27 September, 27.09.2018
    9:00 Confession
    9:30 Divine Liturgy
  • Sunday 30 September, 30.09.2018
    18th Sunday after Pentecost The Holy Martyrs Saint Sophia, Faith, Hope, Love
    8:30 Confession
    9:00 Matins and Divine liturgy

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Monday September 24, 2018 / September 11, 2018

18th Week after Pentecost. Tone eight.

Translation of the relics of Venerables Sergius and Herman of Valaam.
Venerable Theodora of Alexandria (490).
Hieromartyrs Nicholas and Victor priests (1918).
Hieromartyr Carp priest (1937).
Venerable Silouan, elder of Mt. Athos (1938).
Hieromartyr Nicholas diacon (1942).
Martyrs Demetrius, his wife Euanthia, and their son Demetrian at Skepsis on the Hellespont (1st c.).
Martyrs Diodorus, Didymus, and Diomedes of Laodicea (4th c.).
Martyr Ia of Persia and 9,000 Martyrs with her (363).
Venerable Euphrosynus the Cook of Alexandria (9th c.).
Weeping Kazan Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos, of "Kaplunovka" (1689).
Martyrs Serapion, Cronides (Hieronides), and Leontius of Alexandria (237).
Venerable Paphnutius the Confessor, bishop in the Egyptian Thebaid (4th c.).
Holy Martyr Theodora of Vasta in the Peloponnesus.
Venerable Elias the Cave-dweller, of Calabria (960).
Canonization (1978) of St. Xenia of St. Petersburg (18th c.).
Venerable Deiniol, abbot of Bangor, bishop in Wales (584) (Celtic & British).

The Scripture Readings

Matthew 11:27-30 Matins Gospel
Ephesians 4:25-32
Matthew 23:13-22
Galatians 5:22-6:2 St. Silouan
Luke 6:17-23 St. Silouan


Troparion of the Venerable Mother Theodora of Alexandria in Tone VIII —
In thee, O mother, that which was created according to the image of God was manifestly saved./ For accepting thy cross thou didst follow after Christ,/ and praying thou didst learn to disdain the flesh,/ for thou didst transcend it to take care of thine immortal soul.// Wherefore, with the angels doth thy soul rejoice, O venerable Mother Theodora.

Troparion of the Holy Hieromartyr Autonomus in Tone IV —
As thou didst share in the ways of the apostles/ and didst occupy their throne,/ thou didst find thine activity to be a passage to divine vision,/ O divinely inspired one./ Wherefore, ordering the word of truth,/ thou didst suffer for the Faith even to the shedding of thy blood.// O hieromartyr Autonomus, entreat Christ God, that our souls be saved

Kontakion of the venerable Mother Theodora, Tone II "Seeking the highest" —
Laying waste to thy body through fasting,/ thou didst entreat the Creator with vigils of prayer because of thy sin,/ that, receiving full forgiveness,/ thou might also receive remission,// having come to know the path of repentance.

Kontakion of the hieromartyr Autonomus, Tone II "Seeking the highest" —
Thou didst blamelessly perform the divine mysteries, O all-wise and divinely blessed one,/ and didst become a pleasing sacrifice;/ for thou didst drain the cup of Christ, O all-glorious one,/ beacon of the whole world,// who prayest unceas­ingly in behalf of us all.

Venerable father Silouan of Mount Athos, Troparion in Tone IV —
By thy prayers thou didst receive Christ as thy Master on the path of humility;/ and in thy heart the Holy Spirit witnessed unto thy salvation./ For this cause all people called to live in hope/ are now rejoicing and celebrating thy memory.// O holy Father Silouan, pray to Christ to save our souls.

Kontakion of the Venerable one in Tone VIII —
During thy life on earth thou didst serve Christ, following His path/ and now in Heaven thou dost contemplate Him Whom thou hast loved;/ dwelling with Him as He promised to His elect,// O holy father Silouan, instruct us in the way that thou hast gone.