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  • Saturday 17 November, 17.11.2018
    Venerable Joannicius the Great
    8:30 Confession
    9:30 Divine Liturgy will be done in Durban
  • Sunday 18 November, 18.11.2018
    25th Sunday after Pentecost
    8:30 Confession
    9:00 Matins, Divine Liturgy
  • Wednesday 21 November, 21.11.2018
    St Archangel Michael
    8:30 Confession
    9:00 Divine Liturgy
  • Saturday 24 November, 24.11.2018
    Martyr Menas
    8:30 Confession
    9:00 Divine Liturgy in English
  • Sunday 25 November, 25.11.2018
    26th Sunday after Pentecost
    8:30 Confession
    9:00 Matins, Divine Liturgy

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Saturday November 17, 2018 / November 4, 2018

25th Week after Pentecost. Tone seven.

Synaxis of saints of Karelia (movable holiday on the Saturday between October 31st and November 6th).
Venerable Ioannicius the Great of Bithynia (846).
Hieromartyrs Nicander, bishop of Myra, and Hermas, presbyter (1st c.).
Martyr Nicholas confessor and priest (1931).
Virgin-martyr Eugene (1935).
New Hieromartyr Alexander priest (1937).
New Hieromartyr Ismail priest (1941).
Venerable Mercurius, faster of the Kiev Caves (14th c.).
Venerable Nicander, abbot of Gorodensk (Novgorod) (1607).
Blessed Simon of Yurievets (1584).
St. Paul, metropolitan of Tobolsk (1770).
St. Sylvia, mother of St. Gregory the Dialogist (6th c.).
Martyr Porphyrius the Mime of Caesarea (361) (Greek).
St. John III Doukas Vataxis the Merciful, emperor of Nicaea (1254) (Greek).
Holy and Righteous Ioane, Stepane, and Isaiah the Georgians (Georgia).
St. Clether, hermit of Cornwall..
St. Birnstan, bishop of Winchester.

The Scripture Readings

Galatians 1:3-10
Luke 9:1-6


Venerable Father Ioannicius the Great, Troparion, Tone VIII —
With the streams of thy tears thou didst irrigate the barren desert,/ and with sighs from the depths of thy soul thou didst render thy labors fruitful an hun­dredfold./ Thou wast a beacon for the whole world, radiating miracles.// O our father Ioannicius, entreat Christ God that our souls be saved.

Hieromartyr Nicander, Bishop of Myra & Hermas the Priest, Troparion, Tone IV —
In his suffering, O Lord,/ Thy martyr Nicander received an imperishable crown from Thee our God;/ for, possessed of Thy might,/ he set at nought the tormentors and crushed the feeble audacity of the demons.// By his supplications save Thou our souls.

Kontakion of the venerable one, Tone VIII "To thee, the Champion Leader" —
Thou wast made manifest as a most radiant star,/ shining forth in the world and bringing light to those in the gloom of the passions./ And thou hast been shown to be a most mighty physician./ But as thou hast received the grace of healing,/ grant healing unto those who ask it of thee, that we may chant:// Rejoice, O father Ioannicius!