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  • Service in Namibia

    On Saturday May 14th 2022, Rector of the church of St. Sergius of Radonezh in Johannesburg, Father Danil Lugovoy officiated the Divine Liturgy in the Coptic Church of St Mark…

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  • Victory Day

    On the 9th May there were Victory Day celebrations in the church of St. Sergius of Radonezh. After the Divine Liturgy had concluded, the rector of the church and its…

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  • Easter – the Bright Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ

    In the church of St.Sergius of Radonezh solemn Easter services were held. On the night of 23th to 24th April, Rector of the church of St. Sergius of Radonezh, Priest…

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  • Saturday 3 June, 03.06.2023
    Memorial Saturday of the Forefathers, St. Constantine and his Mother Helen
    8:30 Confession
    9:00 Divine Liturgy and Panikhida
    16:00 All-Night Vigil
  • Sunday 4 June, 04.06.2023
    8:30 Confession
    9:00 Divine liturgy and Vespers
  • Monday 5 June, 05.06.2023
    8:30 Confession
    9:00 Divine Liturgy
  • Sunday 11 June, 11.06.2023
    1st Sunday of Pentecost and Feast of All Saints. Preparation for the St. Apostles Fast.
    8:30 Confession
    9:00 Matins and Divine Liturgy
  • Sunday 18 June, 18.06.2023
    2nd Sunday after Holy Pentecost, Synaxis of All Russian Saints
    8:30 Confession
    9:00 Matins and Divine Liturgy
  • Saturday 24 June, 24.06.2023
    Apostles Bartholomew and Barnabas
    8:30 Confession
    9:00 Divine Liturgy in English
  • Sunday 25 June, 24.06.2023
    3rd Sunday after Holy Pentecost
    8:30 Confession
    9:00 Matins and Divine Liturgy

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Tuesday May 30, 2023 / May 17, 2023

Afterfeast of the Ascension. Tone six.

Apostle Andronicus of the Seventy and his fellow laborer Junia (1st c.).
Venerable Euphrosyne (Princess Eudocia) of Moscow (1407).
Martyrs Solochon, Pamphamer, and Pamphalon at Chalcedon (298).
St. Stephen, archbishop of Constantinople (893).
Uncovering of the relics (1551) of Venerable Adrian, abbot of Ondrusov (Valaam) (1549).
St. Melangell, virgin hermitess of Wales (6th c.) (Celtic & British).
Venerables Nectarius (1550) and Theophanes (1544) of Meteora (Greek).
Venerable Athanasius the New, wonderworker of Christianopolis (18th c.) (Greek).
Great-martyr Nicholas of Sophia (1555).
St. Jonah Atamansk, priest of Odessa (1924).

The Scripture Readings

Acts 21:26-32
John 16:2-13


Holy Apostle Andronicus & Cc, Troparion, Tone III —
O holy apostles/ entreat the merciful God// that He grant to our souls remission of transgressions.

Kontakion, Tone II, "Seeking the highest..." —
Let us praise Andronicus, the apostle of Christ,/ the all-radiant star who illu­mined the nations/ with the light, of divine knowledge,/ and with him the all-wise Junia,/ who shone forth in piety;// and let us cry: Entreat Christ God without ceas­ing in behalf of our souls!