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  • Service in Namibia

    On March 14, the first Soul Saturday of Great Lent, Archpriest Daniil Lugovoi, commemorating the departed and the holy Martyr Evdokia, celebrated the Divine Liturgy in Windhoek, the capital of…

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  • St Sergius Day

    On October 5-6, 2019, in the church of St. Sergius of Radonezh in Johannesburg, celebrations were held on the occasion of the Patronal feast Day. On Saturday, October 5, archpriest…

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  • The Day of the Holy Trinity

    On the 16th of June 2019, the parish of St Sergius in Johannesburg, RSA, commemorated the Day of the Holy Trinity as part of the great Feast of Pentecost. After…

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  • Sunday 16 May, 16.05.2021
    3rd Sunday of Pascha, of the Myrrhbearing Women
    8:30 Confession
    9:00 Matins and Divine Liturgy
  • Friday 21 May, 21.05.2021
    Eve of St Nicholas Day
    17:00 Moleben with akhaphist to St. Nicholas
  • Sunday 23 May, 23.05.2021
    4th Sunday of Pascha, of the Paralytic
    8:30 Confession
    9:00 Matins and Divine Liturgy
  • Monday 24 May, 24.05.2021
    St Mefodius and Ciryl, The Namesday of Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Cyril
    8:30 Confession
    9:00 Divine Liturgy
  • Sunday 30 May, 30.05.2021
    5th Sunday of Pascha, of the Samaritan
    8:30 Confession
    9:00 Matins and Divine Liturgy

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Friday May 14, 2021 / May 1, 2021

Second Week of Pascha. Tone one.
Fast. Fish Allowed

Prophet Jeremiah (650 B.C.).
Venerable Paphnutius, abbot of Borovsk (1477).
Virgin-martyr Nina (1938).
Hieromartyr Macarius, metropolitan of Kiev (1497).
Venerable Gerasimus, abbot of Boldino (1557).
Martyr Batas of Nisibis (395).
St. Tamara, queen of Georgia (1213).
New Martyrs Euthymius, Ignatius (1814), and Acacius the Serbian of Mt. Athos (1815).
The Tsarevokokshaisk, or "Myrrh-Bearing" (1647), Andronikos (14th c.), "Unexpected Joy" and Byzantine Icons of the Mother of God.
Asaph or Asa Bishop of Llanelwy (6th - 7th c.) (Celtic & British).
St. Panaretus, archbishop of Paphos in Cyprus (1791) (Greek).
Venerable Nicephorus of Chios, monk (1821) (Greek).
Martyr Sabbas (1821) (Greek).
St. Ultan, founderof Fosse (680) (Neth.).
St. Zosimas, bishop of Kumurdo (15th c.) (Georgia).
New Monk-martyr Romanus of Raqqa (780).
New Martyr Maria of Merambelos on Crete (1826).
St. Brioc, abbot of Sain Brieuc.
St. Corentin, bishop of Quimper.
Translation of the relics of St. Walburga, Abbess of Heidenheim.
St. Pholosophos.

The Scripture Readings

Acts 5:1-11
John 5:30-6:2


Holy Prophet Jeremiah, Troparion, Tone II —
Celebrating the memory/ of Thy prophet Jeremiah O Lord,// through him do we entreat Thee, save Thou our souls.

Kontakion, Tone III: ''Today the Virgin..." —
Having cleansed thy radiant heart with the Spirit,/ O glorious Jeremiah, great prophet and martyr,/ thou didst receive from on high the gift of prophecy/ and didst cry aloud among the lands: "Behold our God!// There is none other to compare with Him, Who hath appeared, incarnate, on the earth!"

Martyrs Euthymius, Ignatius, and Acacius, Troparion, in Tone I —
Equal in number with the uncreated Trin­ity, O wise ones,/ with the choirs of angels and the ranks of martyrs/ ye stand, rejoicing, before the throne of the Godhead;/ wherefore, receiving effulgence from thence through communion,/ ye impart to the faithful a well-spring of healings/ and divine enlightenment./ O Euphemius, mar­tyr of Christ,/ wise Ignatius and godly Acacius,// pray ye ever in our behalf.

Kontakion, in Tone IV —
The new celebration of the three passion-bearers hath today been shown forth to the Church, illumining the fullness of the Orthodox like beacons, O Christ.

St. Tamara, queen of Georgia, Troparion, in Tone I —
Having served the King of kings diligently , on earth, O Tamara,/ queen of great renown,/ thou didst enter with honor into the heavenly Jerusalem/ and didst bring to Christ thy glory as a gift;/ wherefore, celebrating and joining cho­rus today,/ with joy we unceasingly cry:/ Glory to Him Who hath given thee glory!/ Glory to Him Who hath crowned thee!// Glory to Him Who granteth unto all the fullness of forgiveness by thine intercession!

Kontakion, in Tone IV —
Make ready, O thou heavenly Jerusalem!/ Open thy gates, O Eden!/ Join chorus together, ye choirs of the righteous!/ Ye people of Iberia keep festival!/ And thou, O holy Nina, greet thou the glorious Tamara/ who arriveth today in the kingdom of heaven// to be crowned by the hand of God!