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  • Sunday 20 October, 20.10.2019
    18th Sunday after Pentecost
    9:30 Divine Liturgy
    The service will be at Serbian Parish of St. Apostle Thomas
  • Saturday 26 October, 26.10.2019
    Iveron Icon of the Mother of God
    8:30 Confession
    9:30 Divine Liturgy will be done in Cape Town
  • Sunday 27 October, 27.10.2019
    19th Sunday after Pentecost
    8:30 Confession
    9:00 Matins and Divine Liturgy

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Thursday October 17, 2019 / October 4, 2019

18th Week after Pentecost. Tone eight.

Hieromartyr Hierotheus, bishop of Athens (1st c.).
Uncovering of the relics (1595) of St. Gurias, first archbishop of Kazan (1563) and St. Barsanuphius, bishop of Tver (1576).
Synaxis of All Saints of Kazan.
New Hieromartyr Demetrius priest (1918).
New Hieromartyrs Demetrius priest Nicholas, Micael, Jacob and Tikhon priests, Martyr Basil (1937).
St. Khionia confessor (1945).
St. Vladimir Yaroslavich, prince of Novgorod (1052), and his mother, St. Anna of Novgorod (1050).
Venerables Helladius and Onesimus of the Near Caves in Kiev (12th-13th c.).
Venerable Ammon of the Far Caves in Kiev (13th c.).
Martyrs Gaius, Faustus, Eusebius, and Chaeremon of Alexandria (3rd c.).
Venerable Peter of Capitolia, bishop of Bostra (715).
Martyrs Domnina and her daughters Berenice (Bernice) and Prosdoce, of Syria (4th c.).
Venerable Paul the Simple (340) and Venerable Ammon (350), of Egypt, disciples of St. Anthony the Great.
Martyr Adauctus and his daughter St. Callisthene, of Ephesus (4th c.).
Martyr Stephen (Stiljanovich) of Serbia (1515) and his wife, St. Elena (Serbia).
Blessed Elizabeth of Serbia (Greek).
St. Theodore the Wonderworker, bishop of Tamassos in Cyprus (2nd. c.).
St. John (Lampadistes) of Cyprus (10th c.).
Sts. Jonah and Nectarius of Kazan, monks (16th c.).
Martyr Evdemoz the Catholicos of Georgia (1642).
Venerable Peor recluse of the Kiev Caves (13 c.).
St. Peter (Michurin) of Siberia (1820).

The Scripture Readings

Ephesians 5:33-6:9
Luke 7:17-30


Holy Hieromartyr Hierotheus, Bishop of Athens, Troparion, Tone IV —
Having learned goodness and been watchful in all things,/ arrayed as befitteth a priest, in a good conscience,/ thou didst draw forth ineffable things from the chosen vessel;/ and, having kept the Faith, thou didst complete a course like his.// O hieromartyr Hierotheus, entreat Christ God, that our souls be saved.

Kontakion (after Ode III), Tone VIII "To thee, the champion leader" —
Taught by thee things strange and ineffable, we praise thee, the hierarch of Athens;/ for thou hast been shown to be a God-pleasing composer of hymns./ Pray thou, O most blessed Hierotheus, that we be delivered from every sinful fall,// that we may cry out: Rejoice, O divinely wise father!

Kontakion, Tone IV "Having been lifted up" —
In that thou wast an unshakable pillar, O Hierotheus,/ thou wast not afraid of the threats of the enemy,/ but, hurled like a precious stone, didst destroy the fortress of falsehood, O father./ Wherefore, with His life-giving and divine right hand, the Master crowneth thee who hast battle well.// Him do thou entreat in behalf of us all.

St. Paul the Simple. Troparion, Tone VII —
With the streams of thy tears thou didst irrigate the barren desert,/ and with sighs from the depths of thy soul thou didst render thy labors fruitful an hun­dredfold./ Thou wast a beacon for the whole world, radiating miracles.// O our father Paul, entreat Christ God that our souls be saved.

Kontakion, Tone II —
Forsaking the crooked paths of the sin-loving world, thou didst run with steps of obe­dience after Christ; being an elder thou didst humble thyself as an infant; wherefore, thou hast entered into the kingdom of heaven in accordance with the Master's word; for which cause we cry out to thee: Rejoice, 0 faithful servant of the Lord! Rejoice, beacon of the virtues! Rejoice, O Paul, our venerable father!