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Monday July 26, 2021 / July 13, 2021

6th Week after Pentecost. Tone four.

Synaxis of the Holy Archangel Gabriel.
Venerable Stephen of St. Sabbas' Monastery (794).
St. Julian, bishop of Cenomanis (Le Mans) in Gaul (1st c.).
Martyr Serapion, under Severus (193).
Martyr Marcian of Iconium (258).
Translation of the relics (1620) Venerable Anthony Leokhnovsky (1611).
Venerable Abbess Sarah of Seeds in Libya (370).
Venerable Just, monk in Cornwall (5th c.) (Celtic & British).
Venerable Mildred, abbess of Minster in Thanet (England) (700) (Celtic & British).
Synaxis of Hilandar Saints, Mt. Athos (Greek).
Virgin-martyr Juthwara of Cornwall.

The Scripture Readings

Romans 16:17-24
Matthew 13:10-23
Hebrews 2:2-10 Epistle, Angel
Luke 10:16-21 Gospel, Angel


Synaxis of the Holy Archangel Gabriel, Troparion, Tone IV —
Supreme commander of the armies of Heaven,/ we, the unworthy, do ever entreat thee,/ that by thy prayers thou ever surround us with the protection of the wings of thine immaterial glory,/ preserving us that earnestly fall down before thee and cry aloud:// Deliver us from misfortunes, in that thou art the leader of the hosts on high.

St. Stephen the Sabbaite —
No Troparion or Kontakion given in the Menaion.

Kontakion of the Archangel, Tone II —
O wise Gabriel, thou leader of the angels,/ minister of the glory of God and divine champion of the world,/ who beholdest the glory of God in the heav­ens/ and bestowest grace on earth:/ save and preserve those who cry out to thee:// Be thou thyself our helper, and no one will prevail against us!

And this Kontakion, Tone II: "The steadfast.." —
O chief commander of God,/ minister of glory divine,/ captain of the angels and instructor of men:/ beg thou great mercy and that which is profitable for us,// for thou art the supreme commander of the bodiless hosts.